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Delivering Her Secret - Author Kira Blakely
Delivering Her Secret - Author Kira Blakely
Delivering Her Secret - Author Kira Blakely
Delivering Her Secret - Author Kira Blakely
Delivering Her Secret - Author Kira Blakely

Kira Blakely

Delivering Her Secret

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I suck at bedside manner, and this small town is driving me crazy.

Until Charlie walks into my exam room.
The picture perfect small-town girl.
Ebony hair, full curves, and virginity all wrapped up in one irresistible package.
I’m rude, arrogant, and I say whatever I want.

We couldn’t be more opposite.
And I couldn’t be more turned on.
We have one week together before my job takes me to another state.

So I’ll play the good doctor.
Check her pulse with my stethoscope.
Make her say AHHH with my large tongue depressor.

Now, she’s carrying a secret.
Our secret.
It could ruin her in this small town, and cost me my career.
But I’ll be damned if I’ll let her carry it alone.

  • Book Content: Contemporary Romance. 
  • HEA: All stories have an HEA. 18+ Only! 
  • Total Length: 320 pages / 80,000 words
  • Author: Kira Blakely
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Enjoyable Stories!

This was my first Kira Blakely novel. I enjoyed Houston and Charlie’s love story. I loved the epilogue and closure with this story. The kindle version also included three other books that were great reads! I look forward to reading more by Kira Blakely.


This is 3rd book I read by Kira Blakely. I loved this book's story line. I loved hot & steamy scenes. I loved Charlie's character. I didn't like Charlie was treated. I loved Houston's character. I loved the ending. Awesome job Ms. Blakely.


A decent story. The title is misleading as is the blurb. I was expecting a little more than a virgin/doctor romance then 6wks later... The whole teacher drama bit seemed far-fetched too. It could've been done differently to make it a better part of the story. Story has potential, just didn't get there for me.


Charlie visits a local doctor, hoping to get a script for birth control. She's not sexually promiscuous or anything, and despite being a 23y/o virgin she thinks it's better safe than sorry. When she meets Dr Houston Pope, a visiting doctor that is set to leave for Alaska the next day, his less than stellar behavior causes her to leave the office before getting the prescription. Oh well, she'll just go back for it later. It's not like she'll lose her virginity that night to a cocky doctor or anything, right?The book was good and engaging, but it falls under countless clichés that honestly, I'm kind of sick of seeing. They have a whirlwind affair and off he goes, unknowingly leaving her with a little something in her belly. She fails to communicate this to him, he's less than thrilled when he finds out, but we still get a HEA anyway. I've seen this plot countless times and it's been done better just as many times as it's been done worse, so Delivering His Secret is a nice go-between.


I have to be honest, I was expecting something like The Surprise by Alice Ward. While there were a couple similarities there were enough differences that kept the story fresh and kept me from skimming forward. The passion was intense and super hot, which is expected from this author, but there was also heart. Difficulties between the two MC's were pretty formula and the mud-slinging in the town was also expected. How everything worked out was satisfying and provided closure without unnecessarily drawing out the drama. The end, though, that epilogue was sweet, tender, hot, and full of feels. It made getting to the end so very worth it. Houston's desire to woo rather than fast-forward was noble, admirable, and totally sweet which seemed contrary to his initial personality coming off as immensely volatile. He was realistic where he could have forced the issue and Charlie would have capitulated. In a situation where he could have pushed for more he respected her and their future as well as refused to take advantage of her vulnerability and desire.