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One Hot Daddy - Author Kira Blakely
One Hot Daddy - Author Kira Blakely
One Hot Daddy - Author Kira Blakely
One Hot Daddy - Author Kira Blakely
One Hot Daddy - Author Kira Blakely
One Hot Daddy - Author Kira Blakely

Kira Blakely

One Hot Daddy

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I want to shove her against the wall and screw the innocence right out of her.

There’s just one problem.
She interns for my company and we have a no fraternizing policy.
As a single dad, I don’t have time to get wrapped up in scandal.

This is going to be… hard!

Imagine my shock, ok, desire, when I stumble upon her in the elevator where I live and find out she’s just moved in.
I’m screwed!
I can’t take it anymore. Her firm breasts, peeking out beneath her business suit. Her bright smile, greeting me, making me hard the minute she looks at me.
It’s too much!

This is so wrong. And what the hell was I thinking making a no-fraternizing policy?
Well, we know which head will win this battle. I’ve been wearing the good guy hat too long.

Screw being Mr. Nice Guy. Nice guys finish last.
I’m going back to the old me. I’ll show her what a real man is like.
I'm going to finish again, and again.

  • Book Content: Contemporary Romance. 
  • HEA: All stories have an HEA. 18+ Only! 
  • Total Length: 250 pages / 60,000 words
  • Author: Kira Blakely
  • This book is exclusive to Naughty Girl’s Hangout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Absolutely fantastic!! Kira does absolutely amazing work in this book. Couldn’t put it down. Another must read in Kira’s library. It’s funny, romantic and shows you there’s always a way to break the rules.


A well written office romance that in sexy and hot with sexy writting and forbidden passion filled with vibrant characters. Charlotte's an intern at well known musical magazine with her teenage heart throb, lead singer of her favorite band being the editor who stars in many a fanstasy and dream of hers. Quentin the ediitor and now dad has left the drugs, drinking, and wild nights behind with the birth if his daughter is only existence for being. Unit Charlotte walks in with each having instant attraction and hot hot chemistry, but wait no fraternization policy. Charlotte's fight to further her profession on her own merits but can she resist the chemistry or will she lose her job and/or others respect?


Charlotte had big plans for herself as she moved into her Aunt's apartment in New York City. She was ready to take on the big internship at her favorite magazine run by her childhood heartthrob. Quentin, formerly Mr. Sex, drugs, and Rock and roll, is now a responsible adult, father, and editor-in-chief. He has managed to maintain a great reputation and then Charlotte walks into his office and the sexual chemistry is off the charts. Turns out they are also neighbors. Will they be able to keep their relationship strictly professional as the company demands? This story is very sexual and has an overabundance of sex scenes. The plot is really well written and worth reading.


Quentin used to be a rock star and fit into the lifestyle perfectly. But he cleaned up his act and is now owner of his own business as CEO, is a single dad and is a good guy. But when Charlotte comes as a intern for his firm, he wishes he hadn't set in place the no fraternisation policy as she is driving him nuts!!! The attraction between them is off the charts and in this fast paced book by Kira Blakely we learn their journey to their own HEA. It is a terrific story that I really enjoyed with great characters - Quentin has still got that bit of rock star in him and he let's that free again when they meet. The passion between them is RED HOT and all I'm going to say is fans/air cons on now - you know what I mean! get ready to also fall in love with his daughter Morgan. There is a fabulous extra bonus from Charlotte's POV, an exclusive book plus a bonus story which I'm going to enjoy reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. But as I loved this story so much I bought my own copy and look forward to reading the extras plus Kira's next book!


This book was hot! I was happy that Charlotte was able to pull Quentin back a couple of times when his past behavior popped up. Quentin drove me insane with his back and forth, BUT I understood why and I was honestly happy with his dedication to her once he gave into his feelings. Didn't like Pamela at all and would have loved to see something happen to her and Maggie! Great book and cannot wait for more from this author!