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Protecting Her
Protecting Her
Protecting Her
Protecting Her
Protecting Her

Kira Blakely

Protecting Her

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Whoever left this beauty for dead will pay!

I was never capable of love.
Eternal bachelor is more accurate.
What rich guy wants to be tied down?
But when I found Elspeth, injured and alone, I knew I would never be the same.
I had never seen such frailty and beauty.
My inner caveman was roaring.
Now, I have a new purpose.
Destroy whoever did this!
I’ll protect her.
And the baby growing inside her.

  • Book Content: Contemporary Romance. 
  • HEA: All stories have an HEA. 18+ Only! 
  • Total Length: 280 pages / 60,000 words
  • Author: Kira Blakely
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Fierce and feisty five star read.

Protecting her by Kira Blakely a fierce and feisty five star read. I adore Kira Blakely and I have major lady boner for her, so I was so excited to hear about this new release, and I can honestly say I think this is the best book yet. The prologue made the whole book, it was a great story and the sex was amazing!!
Finn Tremaine is a businessman from Chicago he has a great life, he’s rich, handsome and unmarried and can have whomever he likes. When his buddies bet him at a party one night it starts as a joke and ends up being something that will change his life. While driving into a snow storm to win the bet he sees a cabin on fire and stops to see if anyone needs help, what he finds will change everything.
Elsbeth wakes up at the side of the road, cold and with a strange man, knowing nothing but feeling very right. Elsbeth is lead on a journey and will she like what she finds when she gets there?
If you read one book, make this the book you read. It won’t disappoint.


Finn & Elspeth sizzle in "Protecting Her". A damsel in distress with amnesia, a very hot, very rich, very alpha male, mystery, suspense, intrigue and insta-love make for a piping red hot read. My favorite chapter of this book was chapter 25. Finn has a quiet way about him. Even when he's at his angriest. That's when he really shows what he's made of. Heads will roll and you will be left smiling! I was finding myself yelling out loud my enthusiasm. I loved that. I really enjoyed this book. Although at times things seemed rushed and a little unrealistic, Protecting Her is a great escape from the real world. After all, that's what we all look forward to when reading romance.... An escape to a place where anything can and will happen. That's what you get with this book.


This was one of the most sensually delicious books that I have ever read. Elspeth and Finn were such great characters and they definitely belonged together. Finn was strong, commanding and very protective of Elspeth. Elspeth's sweetness, strength and independence kept appearing even though she couldn't remember her past. She felt her connection to Finn on a very deep level, but she didn't want to be a burden to him even though she knew he would protect her. The storyline was very unique. There was mystery, suspense, confusion, longing and plenty of steaming passion in this book. It was just a fabulous read. There were several other characters that added greatly to the storyline, giving it many layers. I ran the gamut of emotions with this story. I volunteered to read and review an ARC of this book. It was well worth the time and effort. Kira Blakely is a wonderful author.


3.5 stars for me, I am just going to go into this review with that. There was some scene that happen that I think needed to be worked on. I enjoyed the blurb and and purchased it and dived right in. I was little put off car scene ( not to have any spoilers) and I was afraid I might stop. BUT I kept going, and I really started to enjoy it. I enjoyed Finn's protectiveness and his heavy hand with her. But I loved Elspeth's strong will power and knowing that she isn't what he thinks she is. It was all well until the whole Jerry, Leigh and the pissing on the floor and just seemed like it didn't fit. I mean I know it had to be in there but I just didn't like how it was placed. Then Neeanh never gets what coming to her, I mean I at lease wanted her to be reprimanded or maybe at lease have Finn put her in her place. The book feel apart for me after the Jerry, Leigh, Neeanh part. I wish it was written differently , or maybe with some things taken out. Overall it is a good story, plot, love and romance on point. Would I read from this author again , yes... I like what she has coming out of her head.


This is the first book of Kira Blakely's that I have read and this book had me gripped and captivated by this intriguing storyline. If you like your romances full of murder, mayhem and mystery and a side of sizzling hot scenes along with chemistry that is off the charts then Protecting Her is the book for you. Finn and Elspeth's meeting isn't your typical one and is one right out of left field. Finn is not a man that has really ever considered himself settling down but the moment he lays eyes on Elspeth his instinct to protect her takes over. Their story had me so hooked that I sat up until 4 in the morning to finish this book. Heads up when you get to the epilogue there is a deleted scene that for all those that love a hot and steamy scene this one is definitely worth the read.